Reaper's Bounty Metal D&D Dice Set

Reaper's Bounty Metal D&D Dice Set

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The devious pirate Anthony Grimble, known by friends and foes alike as Captain Grim, was a gambler. He let his prisoners roll the bones to determine their fate: if they won, they could live, but were forced to become a crew member on his ship. If they lost, well…

Grimble was a sly and cunning man. There are tales that say when he lay dying of a gunshot wound, he convinced Death himself to play a game of chance over his very soul. Some claim he's still out there, hoisting the mainsail on the ghost ship known as The Reaper...


  • COMPLETE SET – The full 7 dice set contains one each of the following dice: D4, D6, D8, D10 (with numbers 0-9), another D10 (marked in tens for percentages), D12, and a D20.
  • HAUNTINGLY BEAUTIFUL – These metal dice are black with an antique silver finish and are decorated with bones and skulls
  • CARRYING POUCH – A black drawstring pouch is included.
  • HEAVY DUTY – These dice are solid metal and very heavy.
  • STANDARD SIZE – Dice measurements: D4 (19mm x 22mm), D6 (16mm), D8 (18mm x 21mm), D10 (20mm x 23mm), D10 percentages (20mm x 23mm), D12 (23mm x 25mm), D20 (24mm x 28mm)
  • PERFECT GIFT – Whether they play Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Starfinder, or any other RPG or war game, this would be a great gift.


Choking hazard. Small parts (dice). Not recommended for children under 3 years old. Please don’t put these dice in your mouth.

These are very heavy dice and may damage some surfaces, such as a wood table. We recommend using one of our premium dice trays when rolling any metal dice.


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