Board Game Studio - Do-It-Yourself Board Game Kit

Board Game Studio - Do-It-Yourself Board Game Kit

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  • Large 18"x18" Blank Double-Sided Board, Tri-Fold - You can make two different board games!
  • Lots of Game Pieces - 6 different colored player pawns, 1 blank spinner, 2 decks of 52 blank poker sized playing cards
  • More Dice Than Any Other DIY Board Game Kit - 1 six sided die (D6), 1 twenty-sided die (D20), and 3 blank D6s for you to customize
  • Even the Box It Comes in Is Completely Blank - Design and customize it to hold your own board game!
  • Educational - Have fun while practicing for a career as a game developer!

Board Game Studio - Do-It-Yourself Board Game Kit with Blank Board, Cards, and Dice - Design and Prototype Your Own Games

Have fun while practicing for a career as a game developer! Learn and hone the techniques of game theory and design while having fun making board games for you and your friends!

Board games share many gameplay ideas with video games, even though they are played in different ways, and the skills learned while making board games can be applied to making video games. Many popular video games started as board games, and vice versa.

Our Board Game Studio kit gives you an 18x18 tri-fold board that's double-sided, so you can potentially create two different games.

The surface of our blank board is not dry-erasable, and that's on purpose. Our research showed us that after someone (whether it's a kid or an adult) created their own board game, they didn't want it to be erased. They wanted to keep it. That's why we also made the box this kit comes in blank too, so you can customize the box and store it with the rest of your board games.


  • Take your favorite TV show or movie and make a game out of it
  • Take a popular board game and put your own spin on it
  • Prototype gameplay mechanics for a trading card game with the blank playing cards
  • Customize the three blank six sided dice we've provided and playtest your own dice game or combat system for a tabletop roleplaying game
  • Draw on the board and use it as a map for a Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or Starfinder campaign

For further reading on how to make your games better, look up board game design. There are tons of articles and videos out there to get you on your way.

Some Tips for Making Your Own Games

  • Avoid a negative gameplay experience. Don't have cards or effects that cause someone to lose a turn or get knocked out of the game completely.
  • Make the game easily understandable so someone can grasp the rules quickly.
  • Sometimes less is more. Study which parts of your game people enjoy and which parts aren't working and remove the parts that aren't working.
  • Be able to accept feedback on your game and don't take criticism too seriously.

This pairs well with our own Hero Grips.

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