BattlePads for the EverTray

BattlePads for the EverTray

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Note: These are BattlePads for the EverTray, but the EverTray is sold separately.

The EverTray (exclusively from Darksilver Forge) has an easily replaceable insert that fits in the dice tray. We'll be adding new BattlePad designs all the time, so this gives you unlimited options for showing your personal style!

  • Enhance your EverTray with an easily swappable BattlePad insert that reflects who you are

  • Multiple designs to choose from, so you can be unique amongst your gaming companions

Ideas for the future:

  • Themed BattlePads for every encounter

  • A BattlePad that matches whatever terrain your characters are in at the time

  • A BattlePad that matches your character's class


  • Each BattlePad is approximately 7.75" x 9.25" x .10" 

  • A non-slip open-cell black rubber backing keeps it in place, even outside of an EverTray (but we recommend the EverTray, of course!)

  • The pad itself is less than a 1/10 of an inch; this allows the dice to bounce around, but not so much that they bounce out of the EverTray

  • The surface of the BattlePad is high quality polyester that allows for vibrant colors; no more boring dice trays!

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