16 Bit Dungeon Tiles Series 1

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Fantasy Roleplaying and Retro Video Games Collide!

Dungeon Masters, now you can build your own retro dungeon crawl!

  • 9 Unique 12" x 12" Tiles
  • 1" squares for miniatures
  • Retro 16 bit video game style similar to SNES games like Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past or Final Fantasy
  • Dry and wet erasable
  • Arrangeable in countless ways

Venture back in time to a simpler age, when we reveled in the virtual dungeons set before us, finding magical items, stealing gold, and gaining XP, all while avoiding the pixelated monsters and traps that threatened to result in a dreaded GAME OVER.

Expand your dungeon even further with 16 Bit Dungeon Tiles Series 2! (COMING 2018)

About dry erasing - The back cover will say to only use dry erase markers and a dry cloth to erase, but you can totally use dry erase cleaner spray. In fact, we recommend it! We'll fix that back cover with the next printing.