Where and How to Watch or Listen to People Play Dungeons and Dragons Online

This is a list of videos or podcasts where people are actually playing D&D, Pathfinder RPG, or other tabletop RPGs. I expect this list to evolve and grow over time.

Actual Play Videos/Podcasts

Critical Role
This is the big one. Voice actor Matthew Mercer leads a group of fellow voice actors on epic Dungeons and Dragons campaigns.

The Adventure Zone
One of our favorites. They had a long running D&D podcast, then now have switched to shorter story arcs featuring different games.

A homebrew, actual-play, 5e D&D audio drama focusing on storytelling and character development.

The Bard, The Brave, and the Bearded Featuring Patches
A podcast where the cast plays Dungeons and Dragons bringing you an epic story with entertaining banter between our DM and our rag tag band of adventurers.

Drunks and Dragons
One of the most enjoyable podcasts even has some fans that have never even played DnD.

Crit Juice
A podcast following professional actors & comedians playing D&D while under the influence.

A group of friends, comedians, and celebrity guests get into some roleplaying fantasy.

Nerd Poker
Each week, a group of warriors lead by comedian Brian Posehn gather to play Dungeons & Dragons.

You Meet in a Tavern
Follow the continuing epic podcast adventures of Tug, Derf, and Karl as they navigate their way through their first 5E D&D campaign.

Hexes & Bows
They blog, stream on Twitch, post videos on YouTube, and have a podcast. They also review stuff.

Happy Jacks RPG Podcast
Combining beer, tabletop RPGs and humor to create high quality content since 2009.

Travels in Illiya
Submitted by one of our Twitter buddies, Travels in Illiya is a group of friends having fun and getting into some fantasy roleplay.

Sneak Attack! Podcast
Sneak Attack! is a homebrew actual play Dungeons and Dragons podcast set in the world of Brannis.

TableTop Champions
A real-play D&D 5e podcast set in the magical land of Irulan. Laugh, cry, crit.

In case you didn't know, you can always find people streaming live on Twitch, playing all kinds of games.  I found this site which shows you the top Dungeons & Dragons streamers on Twitch:

Podquesters is a comedic improv show based on the role-playing style of wildly popular games like Dungeons and Dragons.

Even more DnD podcasts can be found over on Reddit.

Advice, Tips, Reviews

These folks aren't always streaming their gameplay, but they have great podcasts, articles, etc.

The Pocket Mimic
Mostly talk about homebrewing a world for your campaign (along with customizing the game with new classes, monsters spells and more!) taking you step by step on the journey with a podcast.

One of the most thorough reviewers of D&D gear I've ever known.

We know, we know!

This is not an exhaustive list, so let us know if you'd like to see your favorite tabletop podcast on here.