EverTray Dice Tray with Swappable BattlePads

EverTray Dice Tray with Swappable BattlePads

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The EverTray is the perfect way to show your personal style and change the look of your dice tray anytime you want. With three starter BattlePads included, you have plenty of options to choose from. We'll be adding new BattlePad designs all the time, so you can always have the latest and greatest designs.

The EverTray (exclusively from Darksilver Forge) has an easily replaceable insert that fits inside the dice tray. This gives you unlimited options!

What's included when you buy an EverTray:

  • Perfect Size - 9.75" x 8.25" Tray with 9.25" x 7.75" Rolling Surface
  • 1.5" Tall Padded Leatherette Walls - Designed to keep those dice in the tray where they belong!
  • Swappable BattlePads - Allows changing your dice tray's theme whenever you want!
  • Be Unique - Buy additional BattlePads to match your game, your character's class, the current terrain, or an upcoming holiday (Halloween, Christmas, even St. Patrick Swayze Day)!
  • Great for Dungeons & Dragons (DND, D&D), Pathfinder RPG, Starfinder and any other dice or tabletop roleplaying games.
  • 3 Starter BattlePads
    • Green Screen
    • Nebula
    • All-Seeing Eye

This dice tray would be equally at home with a family playing Yahtzee or a group of friends summoning eldritch horrors in Call of Cthulhu or fighting gunslinging zombies in Deadlands.

 WhatEVER you want it to be

The EverTray is designed to be customizable by simply replacing the BattlePad.

  • Enhance your EverTray with a BattlePad insert that reflects who you are

  • Have a themed BattlePad for every season

  • Use a BattlePad that matches whatever terrain your characters are in at the time

  • Have a BattlePad that matches your character's class

  • Tons of designs to choose from, so you can be unique amongst your gaming companions

The idea with this dice tray is that you can customize it to fit whatever you need.

This changes everything.

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