Secrets, Prototypes, Announcements

In the last few weeks, we released a new product, showed a prototype of another, and are getting closer to unveiling a brand new (secret) product. Just released: Cthulhu's Gold D&D Dice Set Driven to insanity when the Great Old One emerged from the depths, a band of pirates have become unwilling servants for the Sleeper of R'lyeh. They call themselves the Blades of Cthulhu... Our new Cthulhu's Gold D&D Dice Set is a complete set of 7 polyhedral metal dice in a wicked black metal case with "Captain Cthulhu" (as we call him here at the office) prominently displayed on...

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The Creation of Darksilver Forge

Last year, we set a goal to become one of the best suppliers of high quality gaming supplies for serious gamers, and I believe we have succeeded, but we set our financial goals pretty low.  Our first product -- DragonSteel Dice -- was so well received that our goals were surpassed within a relatively short time. That was mega-awesome, but it forced us to reconsider our strategy. At first, we were using the company name -- Downcast Systems  -- as the "brand", but that doesn't really make sense because Downcast Systems does more than just gaming products, so we created...

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