Rainbow Dice & Bundle of Cthulhu

We're super excited -- I know, we're always super excited; hey, we're excitable, ok? -- to announce our new rainbow metal dice set

We showed you the prototype on instagram back on March 2nd, asking a simple question: "Thoughts on rainbow dice? Yes or no?" The response was overwhelming. We got over 600 likes, and here are some comments:

"Absolutely yes!!!"
"Hell yes"
"100 times, yes!!"
"Dooooo it"

So, hell yes, we abso-frickin-lutely decided to dooooo it. And now they're here, but in limited quantities because we want to see if you guys were for real. You can buy them right now on darksilverforge.com, and they'll be available at amazon soon.

Also, we created a Cthulhu Bundle that includes the Cthulhu's Lair dice tray and Cthulhu's Gold Dice Set. It's a few dollars cheaper to get it that way versus getting them separately.

Why didn't we do this Cthulhu Bundle before? Like back when we first released the Cthulhu stuff last year? It's a good question and deserves a good answer. Luckily there is a really interesting reason why we never did it before. It involves a grisly murder, a demonic invocation gone horribly wrong, and an enchanted cloak that renders the owner not-invisible, but slightly more visible than before. Or, maybe we wanted to do it, but just never really got around to it. 

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