April Updates Part 2

We have a few more updates!

Our Shadow Rogue Rose Gold D&D Dice are back in stock! We have limited quantities, so grab them while you can. We're working on more now, but we had to work out some manufacturing issues which limited our supply this time.

Sorry, but we've decided to discontinue our Free Shipping experiment for the moment. We assumed it would vastly increase sales on the website, but it didn't. We had the same number of sales that we normally do, except we made less money due to absorbing the cost of shipping.

We added a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee to all our products. We replaced or refunded folks before if they were unhappy, we just never had an official page describing the guarantee. We added "Money Back Guarantee" badges to all the product pages as well. If you're not satisfied, please let us know because our goal is for you to be super excited about your purchase from us.

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