April 2018 Update

We have a few updates!

  • For a limited time, we're offering FREE SHIPPING for US based orders over $25.
  • We have sold out of our Shadow Rogue Rose Gold Dice on darksilverforge.com and amazon.com. We'll have more in a few weeks!
  • Many of you have asked about the rainbow metal dice we posted on Instagram, so we're adding those to the product lineup too! We'll let you know when they're available.
  • Our 16-Bit Dry/Wet Erase Dungeon Tiles are not getting the amount of orders we had hoped for, so a Series 2 is looking unlikely at the moment. That could change, though. It's up to you!
  • We also have a few new secret products being cooked up right now that we hope to release within the next two months!
  • We were very proud (and humbled) to see our Cthulhu's Gold dice in a photo posted by Joe Manganiello on Instagram, as he played an unpublished Castle Greyhawk adventure with Luke Gygax! (See Rampage in theaters April 13!)

Thank you for making Darksilver Forge what it is today. We love our customers, we love your feedback, and we love making things for you. Our goal has always been to create products for you (and us) that we all think are cool. We're really happy with how that's going so far. :)

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