Announcing the EverTray with Replaceable BattlePads

We're super proud to announce our best product yet. We call it the EverTray.

What the heck is an EverTray?

The EverTray (exclusively from Darksilver Forge) has an easily replaceable insert that fits inside the dice tray. This allows you to change the theme of your tray anytime you want. We're calling those inserts "BattlePads" and we hope you will too! We'll be adding new BattlePad designs all the time, so this gives you unlimited options for showing your personal style!

We're hoping this will change the way people think about their dice trays. You no longer have to pick only one dice tray design. With the EverTray, you have options.

The EverTray comes with 3 starter BattlePads:

Green Screen

Combine this with OBS Studio for some unbelievable moving backgrounds during an online play session.

EverTray All Purpose Dice Tray with Replaceable BattlePad Technology



Hello, Starfinder. 

EverTray All Purpose Dice Tray with Replaceable BattlePad Technology

All-Seeing Eye

For those really weird campaigns...


  • Have a themed BattlePad for every occasion.
  • Use a BattlePad that matches your campaign or whatever terrain your characters are currently in.
  • Have a BattlePad that matches your current character's class (and change 'em out when you change to a different character!)
  • You could even get a custom one! (We're not offering that just yet, but we might soon. Let us know if you think we should.)
  • We're going to keep adding designs here, but as I'm about to discuss, we don't want to be your only option for quality BattlePad designs. We aren't creating a T-shirt store. We created the T-shirt.
  • Options

    Designers/Creators - Make some money!

    Do you have a sublimation printer and a heat press? You could make some money selling BattlePads!

    Let's not kid around. The BattlePad inserts are made of specially sized mousepad material. You can buy that material here. We're going to give you all the dimensions because we want other creative people to design and sell their own BattlePads out in the world. We don't care about getting a piece of that. You can sell your own BattlePads and you can even call them BattlePads. We don't care. We encourage you to do it! When someone says "BattlePad" we want them to know it's the right size to fit the EverTray. The pads are 9.25" x 7.75" x .1". So feel free to stick some designs up on your own etsy store. Send us your best designs and we may even promote your store on our social media feeds.

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