Announcing HeroGrips - Unleash your creativity!

This is our latest product for tabletop roleplayers or board game players. HeroGrips are plastic stands that can hold thin pieces of cardboard or thick pieces of paper, upon which you can draw your own character. They can serve as an alternative to expensive tabletop roleplaying miniatures.

Our current set includes 14 HeroGrip stands (in 7 different colors) and 14 blank cardboard pieces.

What if I’m terrible at drawing?

This is what really makes HeroGrips special. We have free, downloadable, print-at-home, HeroGrip-compatible heroes and monsters available right here on!

If you’re an artist, we encourage you to create and share your own HeroGrip-compatible creations with the world! On twitter, tag @darksilverforge or #herogrips and we’ll retweet when we see your creations! Also, feel free to create your own HeroGrip-compatible art and share with the world. Our dream is to one day have a great ecosystem of people sharing their HeroGrip-compatible creations with one another.

What else can HeroGrips be used for?

There’s no rule that says you have to put a PC or NPC character in a HeroGrip stand. For example, you can draw walls on paper and stick them in the HeroGrip stand. Or use them to represent doors. I could imagine some people getting really creative and using multiple HeroGrip stands and folded paper to create some 3D objects, like houses or towers.

Are HeroGrips for tabletop roleplaying games only?

HeroGrips are great for other board games as well! Board game designers can use them as prototype game pieces. I even used one to create a paper police station while playing with Hot Wheels with my daughter.

You could use them to create your own characters for other games. You could draw your own Ahsoka Tano for your custom Star Wars-themed Monopoly! 

You can buy HeroGrips right here (and soon at!

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