The Creation of Darksilver Forge

Last year, we set a goal to become one of the best suppliers of high quality gaming supplies for serious gamers, and I believe we have succeeded, but we set our financial goals pretty low.  Our first product -- DragonSteel Dice -- was so well received that our goals were surpassed within a relatively short time. That was mega-awesome, but it forced us to reconsider our strategy.

At first, we were using the company name -- Downcast Systems  -- as the "brand", but that doesn't really make sense because Downcast Systems does more than just gaming products, so we created Darksilver Forge as a brand under the Downcast Systems umbrella where we would group all the gaming related merchandise together.

Until we get through our existing inventory, you'll continue to see on the bottom of the dice cases, and there will be no Darksilver Forge branding on anything. When our current inventory is exhausted, we'll start printing Darksilver Forge on the bottom of the cases. Maybe when these dice cases go "out of print" they'll become collector's items.  :)

At the time of this writing, we only have our DragonSteel Dice Set for sale, but we've got several new products in the pipeline that I absolutely can't wait to show you! One will be released (hopefully) within the next few weeks, and the other will be released in a few months. These new products take queues from the popularity of our DragonSteel Dice and will be aimed directly at serious roleplaying gamers who want something a bit cooler and higher quality than what's currently available… I'm super excited about them! I hope you will be too!

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